Winter services

As most of Prudhoe is built on a hill it is only right that Council winter services are adequate.

The NCC Staff do a great job is helping to keep the roads free but at times residents can help them by reporting incidents and taking a few basic steps to help.

Reminder that even when a road has been gritted they may still be slippy as the grit needs to take effect and this works quicker when vehicles travel over the gritted road.

If heavy snow falls occur during busy periods on the roads although the snow plough / gritter may have been on that route recently the fresh snow fall may negate the good work done.

Many drivers will travel slower than normal which is obviously the correct way to drive in the winter conditions.

please keep your distance from vehicles in front, beware of parked / abandoned vehicles or pedestrians on the roads.

All these add to possible delays, please give extra time for your journey.


NCC Winter services Click here 

Gritting routes – Click here     – Others will be added if extreme difficulties are being experienced.

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Street Lighting being defective – Click here

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AA winter driving advice – Click here

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Please check grit bins on a regular basis.

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