Following many discussions with residents about their concerns regarding vehicles being driven at excessive speed along Castlefields drive we asked a senior officer to look into improving the road safety in the area.

Research has been conducted and a design brief prepared by NCC advisors is expected to be completed by the end of this month, after this is provided consideration will be given for the speed limit in that area will be decreased to 20mph or/ and any other measures they propose.

This research and any measures to be added will be partly funded by Gordon & Ken’s annual members allowance scheme.

We will provide additional information in August 2020.

A reduction in the speed limit etc will make it a less desirable route for drivers cutting through to the bypass etc.


Planning application re Low Prudhoe Development – CLICK HERE – application ref 18/03945/REM

Issues relating to traffic movement were dealt with under the planning application ref Ref 16/02082/OUT

See a link to 62 documents referred to in the 2016 report. (this is only part of that application)

The current application relating to the proposed housing development is 19/04782/REM

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NCC playparks

NCC owned play parks in Prudhoe.

We know that many families really miss the play parks and would like them back open ASAP.

NCC are reviewing the expert guidance.

Gordon & Ken would also like the parks opened especially as the School holidays are coming up very soon.

They have written to a senior officer at NCC asking that they are opened and the advice is complied with as the health of the public must remain paramount.

We are also checking to see if the Contractor has completed the major work on the Riverside play park and it is ready for public use.

The Waterworld play park will remain out of use for a very good reason the contractor will be carrying out major improvements there over the next few weeks.

HM Govt advice –

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Promoting Prudhoe business / good causes- We are here to help

We receive regular requests to visit Prudhoe businesses & Prudhoe community groups to help promote their great work.

This usually involves  taking a video or photograph.

We are happy to do so if we can, as we all want them to be successful. 

(We do this to help  promote the businesses / good causes but can not officially recommend them)

Due to Covid19 restrictions we may not be able to just call into some premises to help with the promotion, so please contact to ask us to call along and agree a time. – Thanks

Just contact us – CLICK HERE

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Rescheduled – Sept 2020


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5th July 2020

*** Due to the COVID19 pandemic postponing the ‘spring’ clean has now been rescheduled for September 2020.

We will provide additional information nearer that time.


Plus TBG advice re Coronavirus.


Events planned by the Community for the community.

If you would like to help us organise an event somewhere else in town please contact us.

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