Moor Road resurfacing

*****UPDATE 9/8/18 ***
We have been informed today that the resurfacing will now take place as follows –
Sunday 2nd September 2018 – 11pm & 6am The old surface will be removed.
Mon 3rd September Resurfacing 11pm – 6am
Tuesday 4th September Resurfacing 11pm- 6am (Possibly finished earlier than 6am)
Unfortunately due to Health and safety for highways staff working on roads where safety zones cant be established the roads have to be closed.
It is proposed to close the road on the evenings of  Tuesday the 28th and Wednesday 29th of August  2018 from approximately 23.00 to 06:00 to complete the works.
As with all our road closures blue light emergency vehicles will be allowed through the works  all other emergencies will be assisted through the works
If all goes well there will be minimal disruption for the second Night.
If there is a unanticipated need to access the area during the closure please contact the  team positioned at either end of the road closure.

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Forest Schools proposal for Prudhoe

We are pleased to say that we have been in contact with Stomping Grounds Forest School who confirm that an offer to purchase land has been sold by Homes England – area known as Dukes Hagg has been accepted.

We will be supporting the new owner and providing information locally as this project progresses.

The legal process has still to be completed.

Check out their further information. Click here


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A moving story.


Remember this ?

A new light was placed in the centre of a footpath (in fairness where the old one was)

After months of requests \ reminders and more the lamp has been moved to the side allowing for easier access.

Who would think it would be so much hassle !!

No wonder Gordon has the odd grey hair now.





*** NCC Letting offers invited. ***

After 10 yrs of it standing empty we are delighted to say that Eastwoods Park Bowls Pavilion will be brought back to good use.

Helping everyone to be #ProudOfPrudhoe

We are always striving to get a fair share for #Tynedale

Interested parties are invited to submit rental offers for use of the premises with a community benefit- these should be submitted by noon on the 9th August 2018.

Offers to be submitted with a business plan to include details of the proposed use and desired term.

Applicants will be interviewed to discuss proposals in detail.

Viewings are are available by prior arrangement.

Enquiries to

Local plan event – Prudhoe 21/7/18


Come and talk to us in PRUDHOE at the Local Plan Consultation drop-in on Saturday 21 July, 10am-2pm at Waterworld, Front Street.


Don’t worry if you can’t attend your nearest drop-in event, we’re happy for you to pop in to any of our other events and discuss your area. See a full list of drop-in events at:

#HaveYourSay #ShapeOurCounty #NlandLocalPlan

Click here


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Moor Road resurfacing

We have been informed that the date of the resurfacing has been delayed CLICK HERE


See previous news post for additional information.


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Eastwoods Park

Eastwoods Park was once a beautiful & well used park that unfortunately had been neglected for so long.

This park is for everyone who lives in works or visits #Prudhoe

Our aims include improving leisure and sporting opportunities throughout the town.

Increasing #TynedaleTourism and retaining / Creating #TynedaleJobs

Giving people great reasons to be #ProudOfPrudhoe

A lot of work has already taken place to improve the park and more is online to be done.

This is being carried out by many groups who are working closely together.

NCC, PTC, the energetic Friends of Prudhoe Woods and the recently formed and enthusiastic Friends of Eastwoods Park

Lots to be done – but huge improvements have already taken place.

The FOPW team have recently cut back overgrown trees and this has created a far more welcoming feel about the area.

We will announce some further details of short term plans to put the fantastic park to better use.

These changes don’t just happen people have to have ideas, put a lot of time & effort in and probably fundraise.

We are getting there!




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Street lighting programme

Street lighting modernisation programme.

We are in regular contact with the contractors and have received an update today.

Errington Place lights – three columns have to be retrofit with new lanterns, it is anticipated that this will be completed later this momth.

Hillcrest – a lamp was installed and had to be removed,due to connectivity issues.
A nearby light will now be fitted with a twin arm to ensure sufficient light coverage is maintained.

Coldwell rd- an old lamp remains in place due to connection issues, this should be removed in a couple of weeks and the new light connected.

Adderlane Road / coldwell rd – this will be updated in the near future.

Moor Rd opposite Moor Grange – light in the footpath, the original light was in the same position.
We are in discussions with NCC re this as clearly the footfall in that area has changed greatly.

The new lights being installed in Moor Road are not part of this programme.

A few old lights remain on telegraph poles throughout the town, the contractor is aware and will be replacing them in the coming months.

The lights are located to provide a calculated amount of coverage of public roads / footpath i.e a maximum / minimum amount.


Low Prudhoe Developments


We maintain regular contact with Northumberland Estates.

The latest information provided today is as follows-

The exploratory drilling has been completed and no complications have been discovered that would cause major concerns in relation to building on the land.

Serious Interest has been shown by a supermarket, and limited interest from other retailers.

This is consistent with other areas throughout the Country..

Therefore Northumberland Estates will continue to seek other retailers commitments  before any development can be progressed. (Full planning will have to be applied for and permission granted before any development starts).

Check out our dedicated webpage – Click here


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