Click connect & chat (with County Cllr)

Visiting residential premises such as care homes to meet residents and staff to chat has always been a very important and enjoyable occasion.

Helping to keep them connected with the wider Prudhoe community.

Although regular contact has been continued throughout the pandemic it has to be carried out in a different way.

Now delighted to say that regular click collect and chat with your County Cllr sessions will be available online, a form of surgery to ask questions or just chat about anything.

We will invite others from the Prudhoe Community to join us, if residents or staff like to suggest someone.

Chat safely from your own home with a drink in hand, possibly fancy dress or a quick quiz ?

Details of the online chat events will be sent out to the care home staff contacts we have, but if you are a member of staff or a resident or a relative of someone there please e mail and we would be happy to give you the access details.

e mail

Lets all be very #ProudOf Prudhoe a great place to live work visit learn & invest in.

How to contact us – CLICK HERE

Low Prudhoe flooding issue.


  • Update 11th January 2021
  • Due to unforeseen operational & administrative reasons the roadworks will not commence this week, the road closure notice will not be implemented at this time.
  • Apologies for this, we will try to provide an update as soon as practicable.
  • Update 9th January 2021
  • This is the road from the railway crossing to the roundabout, where the flooding has been happening
  • NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Northumberland County Council intends to make an Order to prohibit the use by vehicular traffic on that section of the C255 Station Road from the railway line heading south for a distance of 200 metres in the County ofNorthumberland.
  • The Order is to be effective from the 11th January 2021 until the 11th June 2021 .
  • It is expected that the road will only be closed from the 11th January 2021 until the 12th March 2021 however it will be closed at all times during this period.
  • The alternative route for vehicular traffic will be via the C254, C301, B6317, A695 and vice versa.
  • Enquiries should be made to Northumberland County Council’s Contact Centre 0345 600
  • 6400 or at (enter the road number and road name). –
  • Ref:119748102.
  • Questions and answers.
  • Why is this work being done ?
  • – This has been a problem for many years, the drains have become damaged and ineffective, this is a major route into & out of Prudhoe
  • What has happened to the drains ?
  • – They have deteriorated over the years, A lot of heavy vehicles pass over this area, utilities have carried out a lot of repair work a wide range of pipes and cables are situated next to the drainage.
  • The amount of rain water appears to be increasing according to many reports.
  • House building and tarmac drives etc add to the increase of water that can not soak into the ground naturally.
  • Why has this issue not been tackled before ?
  • When we were elected in 2017 we pledged to spend more than ever into the highways infrastructure, as this had been neglected in this part of the County for far too long.
  • This is another major investment that we have pushed for.
  • Residents have asked why this was not done when the ill fated bridge project was carried out.- Sorry don’t know that would have seemed sensible, but before our time.
  • How much is this work costing ?
  • A massive investment as you can imagine,work will have to be carried out with partner organisations and a design for a new drainage system has had to be drawn up, Work will include going under the railway line.
  • The drains have been cleaned and repaired over the years but this is what is needed.
  • A business case has had made to allow funding for such an investment, but this has now been sanctioned.
  • We know this will cause disruption, but is being carried out when many businesses are closed due to the pandemic, Schools have reduced numbers, no tourism, people are being encouraged to shoplocal & stay local.
  • The number of trains & passengers are reduced.

  • ——————————————
  • Update 24/2/20 – We understand that our application for funding to carry out this complicated engineering task has been successful, and hope that the work will commence in the new financial year.

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Merry Christmas.

It has been a very difficult year for everyone, and we hope you have a very safe, relaxing and enjoyable festive time.

But there have been so many positive points taken from the situation we find us in.

The main one being the fantastic community spirit in Prudhoe.

Our festive hours

The same as every other day of the year.

Proudly supporting the people of Prudhoe every day of the year.


Very #ProudOfPrudhoe

Some NCC Depts will be closed or operating with reduced staff during the festive period.

Many issues can be reported online – CLICK HERE