Castlefields estate road safety update.

Further to our previous posts regarding this proposal –

See main Information – CLICK HERE

We have today received the plan, which will give interested parties an outline of the proposal.

Due to the format they have been provided in they are not able to be viewed by the public on this page etc

We will update this site again when an appropriate version is received

The legal process is now ready to proceed with the normal notices being given online, locally displayed on lamposts etc and in the press.

The delivery of the scheme is ready to be programmed for a team to complete dependant upon their availabilty and no objections being made to the scheme.

This whole scheme has come in at around £40,000 so no insignificant sum.

The scheme has been progressed far quicker than the vast majority of such schemes in the County due to perseverance from us and the ability to transfer funding from other projects which will now have to be delayed.

The highways planning officers did not see the need for a reduced speed limit when the estate was built or when permission was granted for the new retail park, there is no record of a high number of accidents in the area so we have had to build up a strong business case.

Such schemes are usually programmed for years in advance and built into the local transport schemes.

As always we will keep the public informed when there are updates to provide.

*** Thank you to Adderlane Academy for designing part of the new signage **